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The qualities and flavors of our marinades are rooted in 3 generations of the Williams family’s love for food and people. Being the 3rd of the 3 in this lineup, I feel hugely blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from such close and talented people. My Dad’s mom, Veta Williams and my Dad, Edgar Williams were 2 of the most talented cooks/chefs I’ve ever worked with.

My grandmother’s food career began in the mid-40s and dads began in the early ‘60’s. In 1977, my cooking career began when Dad, Mom, and I built and operated The Front Porch Restaurant in Clinton, LA.

The Front Porch proved to be a very popular place, especially on the weekends. We had regular customers who would drive from as far as New Orleans and Lafayette for a meal. In 1979, the Front Porch Restaurant was appointed “Restaurant of the Season” by the Louisiana Tourist Commission.

It was also in 1979 that daddy and I were approached by a group of our friends from the local Lions Club. They walked into the restaurant with a 20 pound beef roast and asked if we could do something “special…do something crazy” and have it ready to serve the following day. Daddy and I talked about stuffing it with garlic and or onions, but those were techniques we had used for years. We decided that we would try to season the roast with our “Cajun Au Jus” dipping sauce. This was a stovetop recipe that we served beside our prime rib. The only problem we had at that point was, how to get the Au Jus inside the roast. This is when we decided to try injecting the sauce. We bought a veterinary type syringe and needle from the local farm supply and went to work pumping our sauce into the roast.

The day after the Lions Club members picked up their roast, almost all of the members called to tell us it was the best flavor they had ever experienced.

It was at that point, Daddy and I began working with sauces specifically for injecting into meats. We would cook, bottle and sell the sauces at the restaurant. We never thought about selling our sauces in the grocery stores until 1988, when we were approached by Mr. W. W. Tong, a Winn Dixie grocery buyer. Mr. Tong had a deer lease in Clinton and stopped by the restaurant for a meal and to buy a jar of our sauce. The next day he called and asked if we would be interested in selling our marinades to Winn Dixie. We agreed to work with Mr. Tong on his offer and that is how the birth of “Chef Williams’ Cajun Injector” came about.

In 1995, Daddy and I began selling our marinades on the QVC Network and the popularity was immediately overwhelming. We won the “top selling” product from Louisiana by the end ’95. Unfortunately, I also lost my dad in November of ’95. It took me awhile to adjust to the loss, but our business continued to move forward.

Chef Williams and his Father in 1988
Everyday and everywhere. That's right, you can use Chef Williams Original injectable marinade on the meat of your choice. In the oven, in a pan, or on the pit it will work anywhere!
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Use with your favorite meat or seafood as an Injectable or Static marinade.

Creole Butter, Creole Garlic, or Applewood BBQ